Specialist Sport Psychology
For Fighters

With over a decade and a half of Psychology experience Sport Mode UK specialises in building the ultimate winning mindsets AND helping fighters achieve more than they thought possible!

Sport Mode UK works with individuals or with Fight teams, as an integral part of their camps.

Work with me and I will teach you the skills to accelerate your performance, achieve your goals and gain those Titles!

Do You Want To:

  • Access the OPTIMUM mental state before and during an event?
  • Increase your mental toughness?
  • Heighten your motivation?
  • PERFORM under pressure?
  • Enhanced your mental focus?
  • Break previous thresholds?
  • GAIN access to the extra %, needed to achieve your dreams?

Fighter Feedback:

I work with Lee for all of my camps, he helps me to mentally prepare for the whole camp and fight.

This adds Confidence and Percentages to my performance!

Brad Pauls – Southern Area Title Holder

A complete game changer!

In the biggest fight of my life I was the most relaxed and positive i’ve been in my career and it was down to Lee.

Davis Pagan – Title Challenger

I’ve been working with lee for sometime now, it’s not just just helped my boxing it’s helped me with everyday life and my business.

I was dubious at first but I couldn’t recommend him enough, It’s a massive part of the game just as much as the physical aspect and it’s a chance to gain that edge needed in competition.

Jordan Warne – Pro Boxer

I’ve been working with Lee now for over the course of 3 months. I believe he has changed my way of thinking and has definitely made me a mentally tougher person.

He has figured out what works for me and what doesn’t. I can now say that I am able to find solutions to my problems by using Lees method and if I don’t understand anything or I am in need for some help I just get in touch with Lee and he messages or calls straight away.

Lee isn’t just an expert in his field he has become a great friend, mentor and somewhat of a guru.

Pro Boxer

How Does It Work?

Firstly this process is all about you!

The first step is an initial chat, where you can talk about your goals and I can fully describe the Mind Coaching process.

I will work to discover your learning style, how you think and adapt my approach to you individually.

Most importantly, this call allows you to decide if this is for you, with no pressure to proceed!

Once signed up, I will craft your own Mind Coaching Plan that will be used in our sessions together, covering areas such as:

  • Working through barriers/concerns
  • Creating short and long term goals
  • Mental states
  • Releasing built up pressure
  • Changing old beliefs

Of course, your plan is never fixed, you are free to make changes anytime to suit your needs!

Brad Pauls Sport Mode UK


Psychology can be hard to access in fighting disciplines, compared to other sports.

My aim is to offer you an affordable and ground breaking service that gives fantastic value and career enhancing results!

To find out more, please drop me a message: lee@sportmodeuk.com or click the button below: